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10 handy tips for first-time travelers

Is this going to be your first travel adventure?
While you are mostly excited, you’re also probably experiencing the pre-trip stress. But don’t fear, we put together our own Via checklist with tips, so you can enjoy a smooth, headache free trip!


10 tips for first-time travelers:


Make a list/ planning: A list will help you feel organised and will make sure you won’t forget anything important.

Phone charger/ adapter: The good thing is that you can buy a new one at the airport, but it will cost you a fortune!

Towels, towels and towels: It’s always a good thing to bring your own towel, cause why not! But if you’re not able to carry a towel with you, we offer them for a small few.

Toothbrush: I don’t think I need to explain why you shouldn’t forget this! But I’ll just say this: not smelling or feeling fresh sucks not just for you but everyone around you. So just don’t forget it!

Padlocks: To make sure your belongings are save, you will need a padlock! Don’t panic if you accidently forgot to bring it with you, we sell them at the hostels front desk

Personal hygiene products: Don’t forget your shampoo, conditioners and shower gels, but hey if you do no worries we sell them at the hostels front desk.

Flip-flops: It’s always a great idea to bring flip flops! Why? Because having breakfast 90’s style is always good idea and not to forget super comfy.

Passport or driver’s license: I’m sure you wouldn’t forget to take your passport with you to the airport. But here’s a great tip for if you do. Make a copy of important document just in case you lose one! Cause you never know what might happen during your trip.

Eye mask: When sharing a room sometimes people need to get up in the middle of the night, to catch a flight for instance. A eye mask will make sure you won’t be bothered by them turning on the light.

Earplugs: Just like in every hostel dorm room, there will someone who snores! So, unless you want sleepless nights buy earplugs to block all kind of sounds. No worries if you do forget them, we sell them.

See you soon 😉