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5 reasons to visit Amsterdam in summer

“Sun is shining, weather is sweet, makes you wanna move your dancing feet.”

We, at Via Amsterdam, love the fact that we live in a country that has seasons. Autumn, winter and spring we love them all, but summertime… oh sweet summertime. Amsterdam during summer is a magical city with never-ending days to roam and wander. So many reasons to visit Amsterdam in summer but if we could only name 5, this would be them.

1: Parks

Amsterdam maybe isn’t the biggest city but we have parks that can level with city’s like New York and Paris. Every neighborhood has its own park with its own vibe. The most well-known is the Vondelpark, and yes we do love this one. Near the Leidse Plein (entertainment area) and the biggest of them all. Our insider tip however is the Oosterpark. Nice and close to Via Amsterdam (take that bike!) and more quit and peaceful.



2: Explore the city by water

Yes we know, this tip is already a cliché but come on: Amsterdam from the water is the best there is! Oke, let us make it a bit of a better top-tip: rent your own boat.
Many companies offer boat-rental and you do not need a boat-license for this. The canal tours are nice and all, but having the freedom to roam the canals yourself is so much better. Just mind they other boats and you will be fine.

Amsterdam by boat.


3: Endless evenings

There is always something going on in Amsterdam and more and more places get a 24 hours permit. During summertime the evening doesn’t have to end if you don’t want to. Just ask our reception what is going on that day, in the hostel and in the city.

endless evenings


4: inside it outside

A lot of restaurants and bar open their doors and take it out on the street. A beer on a terrace is always a good idea but what if we told you Amsterdam has multiple city-beaches! Our favorite go-to city-beach is Pllek in the North of Amsterdam. Best thing? Just take the metro from Via Amsterdam to Amsterdam Central Station (13 minutes) and take the free (!) ferry to Pllek (10 minutes). In under 30 minutes you are on “the beach”!



5: Via Amsterdam

Whaaaaat!?! Did you just made yourselves as 1 of the 5 reason why we should visit Amsterdam during summer? Sorry, yes we did 😉

We just love our own hostel and believe we can be the perfect spot for everyone who wants to discover Amsterdam during this summer. Want us to prove it? Book your stay via and we see you soon!

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