Travelling with a group of 15+ people to Amsterdam? Let us make the perfect group travel booking for you!

Traveling with a large group to Amsterdam equals fun times. But it can also equal some headaches because of all the details that need to be sorted out. Not with Via Amsterdam as we find headaches only suited after a good night out in Amsterdam.

Why Via Amsterdam when travelling with a group?

Because we are fun and that is exactly what you are looking for! Our large hostel rooms with ensuite bathroom will provide the privacy that you as a group are looking for. Outside of your room you will find multi-functional urban-designed spaces ready to be explored. Our restaurant The Dude holds up to 270 seats and can be turned into a party with DJ or one big games room for everyone to show their skills. Our communal spaces will ensure that you as a group can get the most out of each other or meet new people as there are always a cool crowd around.

Nice words and all, but how about the much needed facts?

Via Amsterdam is easily reached with touring car, car or public transport. After arriving the metro, which is a 5 minute walk away will take you in 6 minutes to the city and in 12 to Amsterdam Central Station.

We consider a booking as a group booking when the party is 15 persons or bigger. Of course we have special rates for rooms and food & beverages and a team of lovely experts to make your travel to Amsterdam a lot easier.

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