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The Dude - Serious about food, but not too serious about ourselves.

You could say we are not Mr. Lebowski. We are the Dude. And the Dude abides. The Dude is a restaurant and bar where you can feel like the true dudeness you are. Haute cuisine is nice and all, but we feel it’s time to enjoy good food, rich in flavour and simply said; the food you crave. True to our city life philosophy we serve all day and late night. The restaurant and bar is the hostels social element that blends all our interests with all the interesting travellers, students and locals that honour us with a visit. This makes us simply love The Dude.

Don’t agree? Yeah, well, that’s just like, you know, your opinion man. The food and drinks in The Dude are inspired by the whole American continent, from North to South. From the home of the hamburger and hot dog, via the land of the taco to the South with their mindboggling variety of food. At The Dude you can eat and drink your way across the American continent.

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The Dude