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Via Amsterdam – Home of the Street Art.

Via Amsterdam is build on pillars and one of them is street art. Everywhere in the hostel you can find artworks and we have to say; we are proud of all of them. In this article we shall highlight some of them and let you know why we choose these works. Are you an artist yourself and interested in creating some art in exchange for a stay, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hey! How ya doin?

Via Amsterdam is an urban 90’s hostel and De La Soul was one of our favorite 90’s acts. Their most famous song ‘Hey! How are you doing?’ rings a bell with almost everyone and also perfectly suits with our hostel-vibe where we are always interested in how you are doing and you can ask everyone how they are doing and get the conversation going.

The Via Amsterdam Gorillazzz

Nothing says more 90’s than the Adidas tracksuits. At Via Amsterdam our two pet-gorilla’s are dressed in them (and some gold chains). Don’t be afraid the sit with them, they are friendlier then you would guess. Their booths are the best place for all digital nomads to get some work done.

The Dude Abides

Our favorite movie you ask? The Big Lebowksi!! We love this movie so much we named our restaurant ‘The Dude’. Jeff ‘The Dude’ Bridges and other characters can be found all over the bar and restaurant. We serve White Russians, have a burger named The Dude and every Monday is Big Lebowski Bowling Night. Feel free to show your skills.