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Via’s Favorites: FEBO

In Amsterdam, fast food does not come with a time limit. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry, right? Because our belly’s do not always sync with the opening hours of restaurants, in the Netherlands they have invented something so that you can get a greasy snack any time of the day. Not served by people, but by walls.

Huh, what? Yes: by walls!

You can find these so called “snack-walls” all around town. The most popular are the ones of FEBO, which is a famous Dutch snack bar. FEBO stands for ‘Ferdinand Bolstraat’ which is a street in the south of Amsterdam where the first FEBO ever opened its doors almost 80 years ago.

Inside these so-called ‘snack walls’, you will find the most delicious Dutch snacks. Must-tries are the ‘frikandel’ (minced-meat hot dog) or the ‘kaassouflé’ (thin puff-pastry filled with molten cheese). Not feeling that bold? The classic FEBO grill burger is always a good idea!

So next time you want to add a ‘dessert’ to your night clubbing in Amsterdam, or just can’t handle the social challenge of ordering your food at the counter; find a FEBO and get yours out of the wall!