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Do you want some street art with your fries?

The restaurant and bar in Via Amsterdam is born out of love for a few things: food we crave, drinks we want, art we love and one little movie we watch time after time.

Food we crave
At The Dude we are not too serious about ourselves and you can easily leave your pretentions and the door, but about one thing we are very serious: food. In the process of coming up with the perfect hostel-restaurant we did a lot of research. During that research we noticed a lot of restaurants claim to serve the ‘Asian’ cuisine, but no one does the whole ‘American’ cuisine. Why?
The American continent is filled with food everyone loves and we sure do to. So at The Dude you can eat your way through the whole of America. From hot dogs and hamburgers in the north, via the tacos and empanadas in the middle until we reach the south with ceviche and steak chimichurri.

Drinks we want
Oke we admit. Once in a while we want a fancy-pancy cocktail with an even fancier name and trust us, in Amsterdam you can find brilliant bars serving these drinks (which we will share in a different article, promised). But 9 out of 10 times we want drinks we just want. Sounds vague but I know for sure that with 90% of the people reading this a drink just popped into their mind. That drink! That’s the drink we serve. Can be a cold and refreshing draft beer (Heineken of course). Could be that
sauvignon you always drink and more important always enjoy. It can also be that Old Fashioned with that hint of orange, at least that’s the drink that tickles my senses.

Art we love
We had the pleasure to have an old office building which we could turn into an hostel with restaurant, bar, cinema room, games area, you name it. And as we are in an old office building, with a clear urban ‘90s vibe and history we very quickly decide we needed some art. Street art to be precise! Throughout the restaurant (and building) you can find different styles and types of street art. So whenever you are bored, just go for a stroll. See you at The Dude, dudes (and Dudettes).